WE Bike NYC’s August 2021 News

August News from WE Bike NYC

The summer is flying by! WE hope you’re enjoying the long days and warm weather. Above is a photo from the start of July’s ride to L&B Spumoni Gardens for pizza and ice cream. Despite the heat, a good time was had all around!
Here are some recent highlights from the Female Bike Forum on Facebook:
Advice on flying with or shipping a bike?
Tips for beginner cyclists: bikes and saddles
Five Boro Bike Tour: volunteering and riding

WE Bike NYC’s July 2021 News

July News from WE Bike NYC

Happy summer! WE hope you are staying cool and finding ways to enjoy the long days. Our in-person rides are back in full swing. This past month, WE rode to Coney Island (pictured above) and also rode to visit 4 women-owned bike shops in Brooklyn! WE would love to have you join us for a ride or event this month.
Here are some recent highlights from the Female Bike Forum on Facebook:
Recommendations for plus-size women’s bike shorts
What bike computers do people like?
Looking for a good cruiser seat

We Bike NYC’s June 2021 News

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June News from WE Bike NYC

Summer is in the air! This month, WE have three in-person events planned, and WE would love to see you there!

The 2020 WE Bike NYC Annual Report is now available. Annual reports for this and previous years can be viewed at our website, at http://webikenyc.org/we-bike-nyc-annual-report/.
Here are some recent highlights from the Female Bike Forum on Facebook:
Does biking affect your pecs?
Safe garage parking for a bike-transit combo commute
Route suggestions around Beacon/New Paltz and Saugerties

WE Bike NYC’s May 2021 News

May News from WE Bike NYC

Happy National Bike Month! This May, WE celebrate biking as transportation, as recreation, as essential to our well-being and everyday lives.

ICYMI: WE have resumed group bike rides, with additional policies including limited group size, masking, and distancing. Our first group ride of the year was a spin around Randall’s Island. Above, you can see a snapshot from the ride!
Here are some recent highlights from the Female Bike Forum on Facebook:
Where to go for a couple of days of mountain biking?
Ideas for a 3-4 day cycling trip
How are CitiBike docks planned and allocated?


WE Bike NYC’s April 2021 News

April News from WE Bike NYC

WE Bike NYC is excited to announce that WE are resuming group bike rides. WE will be taking steps to make our rides as safe as possible:

  • Limited group size

  • Riders must wear masks at all times (if you need to eat or drink please move away from the group)

  • Riders must stay 6 feet apart when on and off bikes

Policies will change in the coming months as the pandemic situation evolves. As WE plan rides, we’ll share all of the event details on Instagram, Facebook and in our monthly newsletter.


WE Bike NYC joined the Transportation Alternatives Open Streets Coalition calling on the Mayor to ensure that the Open Streets are improved and expanded equitably throughout all five boroughs. Read more here


ICYMI, here are some recent highlights from the Female Bike Forum on Facebook:
How to train for bicycle touring?
List of NYC cycling groups
Empire State Trail ride report

WE Bike NYC’s March 2021 News

March News from WE Bike NYC

This March marks the ninth anniversary of WE Bike NYC.
WE would like to give a special “thank you” to all our members new and old! Together, WE have sustained this community for almost a decade and helped create a supportive environment for women, female identifying, and gender nonconforming people to get where they want to go, on or off the bike.

Waiting for that last snow to finish melting? Check out some recent highlights from the Female Bike Forum on Facebook:

Is it safe to bike in below-freezing temperatures?
Recommendations: bikes for petite riders
What can individuals do to improve NYC’s bike infrastructure?

WE Bike NYC’s February 2021 News

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February News from WE Bike NYC

Warm winter greetings! WE hope your 2021 is going well, whether you’re taking this cold weather as a chance to relax indoors, breaking out the indoor trainer, or perfecting your winter gear setup outdoors.

ICYMI – Some recent highlights from the Female Bike Forum on Facebook:

Any in-person biking events happening these days?
Wearing a mirror on your helmet
Major cold-weather cycling inspiration from Michal

WE Bike NYC’s January 2021 News

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January News from WE Bike NYC

Happy new year! WE hope you found safe and creative ways to celebrate the winter holidays. Here’s to a 2021 filled with lovely bike rides and good company… virtual or otherwise!

Message from Allison: Hello from your new newsletter coordinator! I’m fairly new to WE Bike NYC, but I’m happy to be getting involved in this amazing community of female + non-gender-conforming cyclists. I look forward to meeting you at virtual events (and maybe even group rides) this year.

Stuck inside because of the cold? Cozy up with some hot chocolate and check out these conversations in the Female Bike Forum on Facebook:

Taking the lane: legality and advice
Thoughts on dual platform SPD pedals?
Glove/mitten recommendations for winter riding

WE Bike NYC’s December 2020 News

December News from WE Bike NYC

WE are almost through 2020! This has been a doozy of a year, and WE hope you’ll join us for our Holiday Happy Hour this month to bid adieu to it.

Message from Maria: I’ve so enjoyed putting this newsletter together for you every month for the last few years. Alas, I’ve decided that the time has come to pass the baton, and Allison F. will be taking over the reigns in January. Thank you loyal readers and WE shall ride together soon!

In the meantime, don’t miss out on the conversations happening right now in the Female Bike Forum in Facebook:

Looking for GWB ped/bike lane updates
Bike light and reflective accessory recommendations?
ISO nighttime riding partner in Queens

WE Bike NYC’s November 2020 News

November News from WE Bike NYC

WE’re looking for a Newsletter Coordinator
Do you like keeping tabs on what’s happening with #bikenyc AND are you interested in becoming more active with WE Bike? If so, then becoming our new Newsletter Coordinator may be just the volunteer job you’ve been looking for. You’ll be in charge of getting this very newsletter out at the beginning of each month, which takes about 1-2 hours. Email webikenyc@gmail.com if you’re interested in learning more about what this job entails. 

It’s a quiet month as WE coast into the end of 2020. Stay connected with WE Bike NYC by adding to conversations on the Female Bike Forum on Facebook, like these:

Suggestions for indoor bike trainers
Reccos for cute leggings/pants for biking in?
What do you wish you knew when you first started biking?

And don’t forget to vote today!