Why WE Love Biking in NYC

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By Maria Boustead

With Valentine’s Day in February, it got us thinking about what WE love about bicycling in NYC — so WE put the question to our Female Bike Forum on Facebook. How many of these reasons to bike in NYC do you share? Add your voice to the conversation here.

Best way to see and get to know the city. Hilda C. says that “riding reminds her how alive the city is”, and WE totally get that. From skyline views on the bridges to bike-wandering through neighborhoods, to figuring out what lies between Point A and Point B, biking through NYC reveals all that the city has to offer on a daily basis. 

It’s a faster and a more reliable way to get around. Commutes by bike are often faster than taking public transportation or a taxi, and they’re certainly more reliable. As Maryanne D. said, “Instead of reading poetry in motion, we get to be poetry in motion”.

Biking gets you outdoors. Spending time outdoors is important but it can be hard to find the time in the hustle and bustle of city life. Biking in NYC gets you outside, and often into our beautiful parks and growing number of bike paths. Even in winter time! (Check out our WE Bike Winter Warmer Ride below).

It’s good exercise – and it’s (mostly) free. Many of our community members mentioned how they love getting the exercise and saving money on a gym membership. Whether you have a need for speed or just like to cruise along, biking beats sitting every time.

Feeling like a beautiful badass. WE like to bike because it does a mind and body good. And as Bev P. added, “…that Beautiful, Badass Feeling!”. 

Looking for people with whom to experience all the joys of biking in NYC? Meet other riders on our Female Bike Forum and/or join a WE Bike NYC ride this year!