Moms on Wheels Finally Gets Its’ Day in the Sun!

On August 25th WE held our second “Moms on Wheels” event in Carroll Park.

The first event, on May 19th many of you may have missed because it rained ALL day. Our amazing sponsor shops never lost faith and Bicycle Roots, Red Lantern, Rolling Orange and Yuba Bicycles came out to support us again! Also thanks to Planet Bike WE were able to give away bells, lights and reflective stickers to everyone who came by!


So on the 25th WE were lucky to get one of the best days of the year to watch families fall in love with bicycles! All I can say is that more than one kid is hoping for an electric assist bucket bike like this one in her stocking!



Here are just a few of the great bikes people got to try out!

IMG_4121 Top to Bottom:
IMG_4108 Kid Tandem from Rolling Orange! (top two photos)
IMG_4104 Extra Cycle from Red Lantern!
IMG_4110 Yuba Mondo from Bicycle Roots!

And a special thanks to our face painting guru, Esme!