NYC Century Takeaways from WE Bike NYC


Did you hear about or ride the NYC Century that happened in September? Have any questions or takeaways? One WE Bike volunteer Elyse Bejasa shares her thoughts on the urban century.

Thank you to Transportation Alternativesfor hosting the 2015 NYC Century on September 13th!! WE woke up early on a Sunday to explore the city with hundreds of other cyclists, taking well-timed breaks to refuel and riding through new areas. The tour, which has 4 options for distance, was a great opportunity for us to do an urban century, which many of us had never done before.

While some of us started in Central Park, my decision to start in Prospect Park was a no-brainer: I live about 5 minutes away. Still, it was hard to wake up at 4:30 am on a Sunday to get ready. My dog definitely gave me a look of “why are we awake at this hour??” But alas, I dragged myself out of bed, got dressed, turned on my bike lights, and met up with some fellow 100-milers in the Park.

A century is no easy feat, but TA made it easier with routes marked for each distance, helpful marshals, and DELICIOUS food at every rest stop. I think I ate 4 or 5 plums and all the watermelon I set my eyes on. And that hummus??

Riding an organized century was a different experience from other centuries that I have done. The biggest difference was that everything was routed ahead of time. It was very helpful to not have to constantly think about what turns to take, what the general route was, and where WE should stop next to take a break. It meant that I could concentrate on what was ahead of me: lots and lots of miles.

I was also lucky that I got to ride with a group of fellow WE Bikers who pace well with me. As much as WE all enjoy riding together as a group, it’s important to understand your individual needs when doing a long ride like a century. How often do you want to stop? Do you need to take long breaks between rest stops? Can you ride at a fairly similar and steady pace together? Luckily, my answers were YES and I’m glad I was riding alongside these ladies! Otherwise, I don’t know if I would have had as much fun.

I hadn’t originally planned on doing the NYC Century, but I’m so glad I did. Next up, riding the 40 mile route of the Tour de Bronx with WE Bike NYC!!