WE Bike NYC’s April 2020 News & Events!

Like many people in our city, WE had no idea how rapidly the COVID-19 pandemic would upend life in NYC. WE had our first 2020 Board meeting on March 7th, not realizing that we wouldn’t be seeing one another again in-person for quite a while.

WE Bike NYC is all-volunteer run and operated, so WE can and will weather this disruption.  WE  look forward to meeting in real life again at some point later in the season.  (If you’re interested in volunteering with us, drop us a line!)

Our #1 priority is to do our part to help keep folks safe and healthy and, as social distance measures become our new life, WE are adapting. WE are still focused on our mission to get more women, female-identifying and gender nonconforming people to ride bikes in New York City, and are reflecting on ways that we can do this safely while New York is on PAUSE. WE are in touch with bike organizations throughout the city to learn about how we might help connect folks to resources for bike-related needs. WE are thinking about other fun (virtual) programs and events WE can host for Bike Month in May. And WE continue to be resources for each other and build community online through our Facebook Groups.

NYC is our birthplace, and our namesake. WE NYC, and we love biking in this city and look forward to riding with you again in the months and years to come. Please stay safe and healthy, and know WE are all in this together!