How can I find out about upcoming rides and events?

To find out about upcoming events you can sign up for our email newsletter here. You will receive one email at the beginning of each month with a list of our events that month. You can also like our Facebook page and subscribe to our events on Facebook.

WE Bike NYC has programming year round – WE are not a seasonal organization! While the winter months are a bit slower for actual rides, WE have regular programming no matter what time of year!

What types of rides are offered? How long and difficult are the rides? What bike skills and knowledge are required for a WE Bike NYC ride?

WE Bike NYC offers a wide range of rides appropriate for all levels of cyclists. WE do social rides, informal training rides and field trips.

Ride length may be anywhere from 5 to 65 miles and pace is variable from easy to brisk.

Most of our rides require that you be comfortable riding in the street with traffic, but WE’ll be there for support if this is new for you! A few of our rides take place solely in parks or bike paths away from traffic.

It’s a good idea for you to come prepared to fix a flat on your bike if that should happen, but WE’ll help as needed.

Do I need a specific type of bike or special gear to ride with WE Bike NYC?

No, WE Bike NYC welcomes all types of bikes! Other than a bike in rideable condition, the only thing we require for rides is a helmet.

What is your gender policy? Why do you have this policy?

WE Bike NYC has put a lot of thought into our policy around gender. WE have decided to use the vocabulary “women, gender-nonconforming, and female identifying” for our group. WE aim for inclusivity and welcome all those who do not identify as male.

In NYC and many other places, bike culture is dominated by men. This can be seen in statistics on gender breakdowns of cyclists and can also be felt in the streets and in many bike communities. Women, gender-nonconforming, and female identifying people sometimes feel unwelcome, uncomfortable or unsafe in group rides, workshops and other bike spaces. WE Bike NYC aims to create a safe and welcoming space for women, gender-nonconforming, and female identifying people to build community, learn, grow and have fun on and off the bike.

Our policy around gender is re-evaluated periodically. If you have any questions or feedback please email us at info@webikenyc.org.

What do your rides and workshops cost?

Nearly all of our rides and events are free! Being accessible to people of all means is a big part of our mission. One of the few exceptions is the Five Borough Bike Tour. For this ride we charge the full cost of the ride plus the cost of a team tshirt. In 2016 this came out to $135. However, we do offer ride scholarships to those who want to participate but would not otherwise be able to.

Some of our free rides end at a location (for example the New York Botanical Garden) or event (for example a roller derby bout) with an admission cost. This is always clearly explained and staying for the paid portion of the event is always optional.

Additionally, WE sometimes host parties with an admission fee for fundraising purposes.

Can I bring my kid on WE Bike NYC rides?

Although WE Bike NYC’s general programming is for adults only, WE do have a program called Moms on Wheels specifically for moms and their kids. The Moms on Wheels program offers rides, workshops and community events to help moms and kids gain confidence riding in the city. See more info here.

What is WE Bike NYC’s origin story?

WE Bike NYC had its first meeting in the spring of 2012, but it didn’t have a name or anything then. That first meeting happened because Liz Jose, our founder, was working as a bicycle mechanic and had been trying to find a women’s cycling group to ride with, and in our city of 8 million people she couldn’t find ANY bike groups specifically for women that weren’t focused around racing. She emailed a few friends, and they forwarded it to their friends, and Liz got responses from people that she didn’t even know who were all interested in riding with other women. Sometime after that first small meeting, the group had a name: WE Bike NYC, or Women’s Empowerment through Bicycles.

The first ride WE did was Bike New York’s 5 Borough Bike Tour in May of 2012, but WE had all these different ride ideas of our own so WE started organizing them. Ice cream rides, laps in Central Park, a ride to the velodrome for a track clinic, a tour of independent frame builder studios, social rides to different parts of the city, and a few simple mechanics workshops filled that first season. Those rides, along with outreach at a few community events, and word started to spread… people were talking about this new group.

WE Bike NYC was becoming known as a group that was about making cycling accessible for women in New York, as a means of transportation, a means of wellness, and a means of socializing and fun. The group had clearly struck a chord – Liz and the others saw that there was definitely a void that WE Bike NYC was filling.

How can I get more involved?

At least twice per year WE offer our Volunteer Training. This is a great introduction to our mission and values and the nitty-gritty of how we run our events. Contact info@webikenyc.org for more information.

What is WE Bike NYC’s endorsement policy?

If you’re an organization seeking WE Bike NYC’s endorsement of your project, please see the following guidelines.

The project/plan must be:
• Related to biking
• Within the greater New York City area
• A specific ask
• Relevant to WE Bike NYC’s mission
• Not include product endorsement

If you meet the above criteria, please email us at info@webikenyc.org