Spring Riding WE’re Looking Forward To

March 10, 2018 6:57 pm / by / no comments

By Maria Boustead

WE hope that you got out on your bike during some of the recent warm days. While the cold weather is probably not completely behind us, WE’re certainly looking forward to spring riding, when WE can shed some of the extra layers and feel the sun on our skin. Or, as Jenady L. said in the Female Bike Forum, “Looking forward to long rides for enjoyment and adventures, instead of just riding my bike for transportation.”

WE Bike NYC has a few rides planned for March, including the WE Bike NYC 5BBT Training Ride along the Hudson Greenway, which you’re welcome to join even if you’re not riding the 5BBT.

If some of your spring riding plans include dreaming about longer rides, you’ll definitely want to attend our Distance Riding Workshop to help get you motivated.

Or, maybe you’re just looking forward to riding with some new bike friends this spring. In that case, WE hope to see you at our Happy Hour, which is in Morningside Heights this month, or meet-up with you virtually in the Female Bike Forum on Facebook.