WE Bike NYC rides are open to all women, female-identifying, and gender non-conforming people in NYC (unless otherwise noted). Activities are free and open to all levels of riders unless specifically noted. Please register if you would like to come to any given event!

Los paseos de WE Bike están abiertos a todas las mujeres, personas transgénero o sin orientación de género en la siudad de Nueva York. Las actividades son gratuitas y abiertas para ciclistas de todos los niveles, a menos de que se especifique otra cosa. Por favor regístrate si quieres participar en cualquier evento.

We also publicize our events through our Facebook Page – check there for an up-to-date list!

January 2020 Events

WE Bike NYC Upcoming Events

WE Bike NYC Happy Hour
Thursday, January 16
7-9pm, The Spotted Owl Tavern, 211 Avenue A, Manhattan


Whether you’re biking through the winter or taking some time off the bike, join us at our monthly social gathering to hang out, build community, and talk bikes! This event is all-gender, so invite your friends!

Meet a WE Biker: Helena Adams

Every volunteer brings something special to our organization. And WE count on them—whether they’re leading our rides or writing our newsletters or responding to mail or building our website. This month’s volunteer is Helena Adams. Get to know her here!

What was your first WE Bike NYC ride?
My first ride was the Annie Londonderry ride during an August Summer Streets.  It was co-hosted by Bicycle Habitat. Over one hundred women showed up!

What’s your favorite route?
My favorite route is the Greenway along the East and Hudson Rivers — inspiring, breathtaking views.
What do you ride?
I ride a Pistachio colored JAMIS Explorer. Almost as heavy as a Citi bike, with tough thick wheels, it enables me to gleefully navigate pot-holes and construction sites like a carefree, tough, mountain biker!
Why do you love WE Bike NYC?

Soon after my first ride with WE Bike NYC, I was asked by the founder to join up as a volunteer. I worked in several capacities including marketing, event, and membership coordination. I am exceedingly proud of the group’s tremendous growth through the years. I feel honored and inspired to be part of a group of such dedicated, intelligent, creative, passionate, welcoming and truly nice set of women. 

WE Can’t Do It Without You!

WE Bike NYC is now an official 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. WE are still entirely volunteer-run, but it takes money for us to maintain our current standards of operation. 
If you are looking for a way to support fun, free, noncompetitive bicycle events and programming specifically for women, please consider donating to WE Bike NYC! 


Community Events

Here are some of our favorite bike events in the #bikenyc community this month!

Five Boro Bike Tour Registration Opens
Wednesday, January 8
12pm online at
More info

Every year, bike enthusiasts from around the Big Apple and across the globe dream of the first Sunday in May. For one awe-inspiring day, city streets that have been immortalized on page, stage, and screen fill with cyclists–32,000 people from all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life who, despite their differences, gather in celebration for the love of the ride. 

Yoga for Cyclists
Monday, January 13
7pm-8pm, Trek Bicycle UWS, 231 W. 96th St, Manhattan
More info

If you can pedal, you can Padmasana. Join us for an evening of restorative yoga curated specifically for cyclists! You’ll learn a series of stretches that strengthen muscle groups often used by cyclists, and we’ll practice stretching areas of the body that typically become tight and inflexible after hours spent in the saddle. This class is BYOM, so bring your own mat. Namaste! $10 class fee.