Mujeres en Movimiento

For the last several years, WEBike NYC has been reaching out to low-income, Spanish speaking mothers in Corona, Queens.  Access to exercise is often limited in low income neighborhoods due to lack of fitness gyms and/or unsafe streets.  Additionally, the responsibility of running a family leaves little time for exercise. Latina women, in particular, are at extremely high risk of heart disease.  For these reasons, WE Bike NYC chose to introduce a pilot “Earn-A- Bike” program in Corona as a way to improve community health as well as expand the cycling community.

While this community is in need of resources, they do not lack spirit! With the understanding that most of the women in Corona do not have bicycles, we decided to offer a Spanish Language Earn-A-Bike class for adult women, with bikes sponsored by Brooklyn Cruiser. Seven women signed up for the class and ten showed up for the first day! The women will take a 9 week mechanics and ride leadership class and then plan and lead 10 weekly community rides throughout the summer.  In this way we are motivating not only individual mothers and families, but the entire community











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