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WE Bike NYC’s April 2021 News

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April News from WE Bike NYC WE Bike NYC is excited to announce that WE are resuming group bike rides. WE will be taking steps to make our rides as safe as possible: Limited group size Riders must wear masks at all times (if you need to eat or drink […]


WE Bike NYC’s March 2021 News

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March News from WE Bike NYC This March marks the ninth anniversary of WE Bike NYC. WE would like to give a special “thank you” to all our members new and old! Together, WE have sustained this community for almost a decade and helped create a supportive environment for women, female identifying, and gender nonconforming people to get […]


WE Bike NYC’s February 2021 News

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View this email in your browser February News from WE Bike NYC Warm winter greetings! WE hope your 2021 is going well, whether you’re taking this cold weather as a chance to relax indoors, breaking out the indoor trainer, or perfecting your winter gear setup outdoors. ICYMI – Some recent highlights from the Female Bike Forum on Facebook: […]


WE Bike NYC’s January 2021 News

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View this email in your browser January News from WE Bike NYC Happy new year! WE hope you found safe and creative ways to celebrate the winter holidays. Here’s to a 2021 filled with lovely bike rides and good company… virtual or otherwise! Message from Allison: Hello from your new newsletter coordinator! I’m fairly new to WE […]


WE Bike NYC’s December 2020 News

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December News from WE Bike NYC WE are almost through 2020! This has been a doozy of a year, and WE hope you’ll join us for our Holiday Happy Hour this month to bid adieu to it. Message from Maria: I’ve so enjoyed putting this newsletter together for you every month for […]


WE Bike NYC’s November 2020 News

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November News from WE Bike NYC WE’re looking for a Newsletter Coordinator Do you like keeping tabs on what’s happening with #bikenyc AND are you interested in becoming more active with WE Bike? If so, then becoming our new Newsletter Coordinator may be just the volunteer job you’ve been looking for. You’ll […]


WE Bike NYC’s October 2020 News

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October News from WE Bike NYC Somehow it’s already October?! Biking in NYC in fall is a treat – just don’t forget your bike lights, as it’s getting darker earlier and earlier. Share photos of your autumn bike adventures in the Female Bike Forum on Facebook, and add to some of the lively […]


WE Bike NYC’s September 2020 News

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View this email in your browser September News from WE Bike NYC Join WE Bike NYC for Cycle September! More info below. WE can’t wait to ride together again —  but in the meantime, share photos of your socially-distanced bike adventures and chime in on discussions in the Female Bike Forum on Facebook, […]


August News from WE Bike NYC

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August News from WE Bike NYC WE hope you have been enjoying your summer safely with socially distant trips to the beach and exploration of the city’s Open Streets — the stretches of roadway that have been “opened” by restricting access to vehicle traffic (map).  Transportation Alternatives recently published a report on the success […]


WE Bike NYC’s July 2020 News

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July News from WE Bike NYC View this flyer on our website WE Bike NYC Statement in Solidarity with Black People