Happy Birthday, WE Bike NYC!

At the end of February, WE Bike NYC officers got together for a marathon planning session. After seven hours of chart-making, vision-planning, pizza and donuts, we came up with some guidelines for where WE Bike NYC wants to go in the future.

WE’d love to share some of the goals we outlined for 2013:

  1. This year, WE decided that the best way forward is to become an LLC, and to possibly work towards becoming a non-profit a couple of years in the future. WE’re taking steps to do that. WE also want to trademark our name, and at the same time, form partnerships with groups across the country.
  2. WE want to make sure to provide consistent, high-quality programming. Going forward, this will include at least one social ride or field trip, one mechanics workshop, one training or workout ride, and one bike brunch where WE Bike NYC members and women in the bike community can get together, eat, talk shop, talk non-shop and have a great time.
  3. WE want to grow! WE’ve gotten such great feedback from everyone who has gone on WE Bike rides or trained at one of our great workshops that WE want to double our membership by the end of 2013. That means reaching 100 new individuals. Help us spread the word!

Of course, spending seven hours with smart, go-getter ladies means WE sorted through many more topics and ideas. WE’d be happy to share the rest of our vision, and WE’d love to know what you think. Email info@webikenyc.com with any questions, comments, thoughts or concerns.