Who are WE?: Casey Ashenhurst

WE Bike NYC is organizing ten women from five organizations to ride 262 miles on bicycles from New York City to Washington, DC to represent their communities at the nation’s largest annual bicycle advocacy event, the National Bike Summit on March 3, 2014. WE are so pleased to be supported by WomanToursBicycle Times Magazine and Transportation Alternatives. For more about the ride, check out our fundraising page HERE!


Casey Ashenhurst

Administrative Guru, WE Bike NYC 

Age? 28

Where are you from? I’m a transplant from Oberlin, OH. I’ve been in NYC almost 5 years.

Where do you ride? In New York, I mostly ride to get around, and because it’s fun- so… everywhere! For commuting, meeting up with friends, and generally exploring the city, I prefer to be on two wheels. Though I have gone to Prospect Park to do laps on occasion as well, for conditioning and exercise.

When and why did you start riding? I learned to ride a bike as a little kid, for fun and to get places: When my brother and I got to be stronger riders, our mom would take us on little bike trips around town a lot– to the pool, the playground, wherever.I’d say I got a more into it as a sport in middle school, when I went on my first multi-day supported tour in Canada with a friend and her family. It was a lot of fun; I was able to really push myself physically in a new way, and the scenery was amazing. After that I did a lot more riding on country roads around my hometown, and doing longer weekend rides with my mom or with friends. I’ve always liked that riding a bike is a form of exercise that can get me places, but at a pace that I can really take in the sights around me.

How has WE Bike NYC impacted your life? Riding with WE Bike NYC has been an avenue for me to bike with women in a fun, supportive environment, which was something I had been looking for for awhile. I’ve made a ton of new friends, and I love that WE’re so inclusive, because I’ve met people who ride all different kinds of bikes, and are all different levels. But besides being a social thing, it’s also been an outlet for me to work for an organization that’s doing something I feel passionate about: cycling, and programs for women. The work WE do– getting women together to participate in a positive, physical activity, all while enjoying themselves and feeling empowered– it’s soul-feeding stuff for me.

Why do you want to go on the ride? I’m invested in the greater national cycling community seeing how women are getting more and more involved in cycling as a sport and activity, and carving out more space for us to be part of the bigger conversation- and I’m hoping our ride to the NBS can help do that! Plus, I haven’t done a longer tour in a long time, and I feel like this would be the perfect way to get back into it.

Anything else you’d like to add? WE’re ready, WE’ve got this, and WE’re PUMPED!!!

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