Who are WE? Nelle Pierson

WE Bike NYC is organizing ten women from five organizations to ride 262 miles on bicycles from New York City to Washington, DC to represent their communities at the nation’s largest annual bicycle advocacy event, the National Bike Summit on March 3, 2014. WE are so pleased to be supported by WomanToursBicycle Times Magazine and Transportation Alternatives. For more about the ride, check out our fundraising page HERE!


Nelle Pierson

Washington Area Bicyclists Association 

Women & Bicycles

Age? 25 Where are you from? Lakewood, Colorado Where do you ride? Up, down, over, across, under, and sideways, sometimes above. When and why did you start riding? Started biking when I turned 18 because I could no longer afford my car, and neither could my dad, so I gave my car to him. My mom bought me a $50 cruiser bike to get me around my college campus, and it clearly became the better, faster, stronger way to get around my giant college campus. How has WE Bike NYC (or biking with your org, or as a woman) impacted your life? Biking has changed my life in ways that are often indescribable. Biking has taught me the importance of thrift, allows me to feel better about my carbon footprint, allows me to connect more with my neighbors, other road-users, new roads, new places, new faces, and myself. It’s fun. I get my daily rush, I get wet and cold and sweaty and this makes me feel more alive. Plus, biking gives me the opportunity in my professional career to help make a positive difference in the world around me. I get to help provide a simple, concrete solution to some of our biggest problems. I get to be the change I wish to see in the world. Why do you want to go on the ride? I need to support my gals, and I want to continue raising awareness of the importance of normalizing, and diversifying the biking for transportation- especially among women. Biking is normal, safe, fun and easy for most people, and while we may not have the marketing budgets to sell this message, we do have opportunities with rides like this. Anything else you’d like to add? I will officially be the “Hoop’N’Holler’er” of the group. Contribute here for a HOOP, a HOLLER, a WOOT, and a YAY!