DONOR THANK YOU: Swift Industries

WE Bike NYC is organizing ten women from five organizations to ride 262 miles on bicycles from New York City to Washington, DC to represent their communities at the nation’s largest annual bicycle advocacy event, the National Bike Summit on March 3, 2014. WE are so pleased to be supported by WomanTours, Bicycle Times Magazine, Pearl Izumi, Velojoy, Bike New York, InTandem, and Transportation Alternatives. For more about the ride, check out our fundraising page HERE!

Now that you have gotten to know who we are, learn more about us and our process. WE will be rolling out a series of guest posts from our riders and sponsors. Today, Katie shows us how Swift Industries answers the ever present “lugging” issue in long distance touring.

Swift Industries is a Seattle-based small business that makes customizable bicycle bags that are “fun, classic, and functional.” They are a woman-owned company and their bags come in a MILLION AWESOME COLORS. WE are incredibly grateful to have them as a sponsor for our ride!

Personally, I’ve always had trouble finding bike bags that I find both functional and fashionable. Both are important to me, and I have no interest in plopping down my hard-earned cash for a bag that doesn’t fully satisfy both of those requirements. When I asked the Women Bike PHL Facebook group for favorite pannier brands a few months ago, I distinctly remember Swift being among the strongest recommendations.
WE appreciate that Swift believes in our purposeful adventure.

Check out the Swift story below. My favorite quote? “They’re interested in people…not a thing. Their products are meant for empowering you to DO something.”