WE Bike NYC’s Guide to Rockaway Beach Rides!

WE are so excited that summer is finally here, and WE can finally plan some easy breezy rides to the beach! Seasoned WE Biker Kristina Sepulvida is our local expert on finding the best spots to chill in the beach lands of NYC. After leading a super successful Taco-themed ride to Rockaway Beach in April, she wanted to share some of the great places WE found along the way so that others can plan rides of their own to this summery destination!

  1. William Fitts Ryan Visitor Center at Floyd Bennett Field: While technically not on the Rockaway peninsula, the Floyd Bennett Visitor Center is located right before you cross over the Gil Hodges Memorial bridge and has some of the cleanest public bathrooms this city has ever seen. If headed in from Flatbush, it is an essential pit stop for water, rest, and random historical factoids from their cheery staff of Urban Park Rangers.
  2. Pico NY: The destination for WE Bike NYC’s April Beach Ride, Pico NY is where the locals spend their Sunday afternoons. The tables are huge, food delicious, and there always seems to be a special happening. I recommend the chunky guacamole and camarones asada tacos.
  3. Cross Bay Veterans Memorial Bridge: Straddling Jamaica Bay and taking you from the sleepy beach town paradise into the other sleepy beach town of Broad Channel before the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, the Cross Bay has a long slight incline but you’ll be distracted by the views of the water and planes taking off from JFK. Note: this is a “walking,” not “riding,” bridge.
  4. The fish sandwich at Rippers: Yes, the line is long. Yes, the deck is crowded. And yes, it’s next to one of the weirdest public bathrooms in all of beach history. HOWEVER, this sandwich has launched a thousand ships. Multitask and keep an eye on the line from your spot on the sand When there’s a break in the action, RUN. If there is no break in the line, suffer through it. You have time. You’re at the beach, so no stress, and you definitely need to refuel before heading back through the tight rope strung through a wind tunnel that is the Gil Hodges Memorial Bridge.
  5. Connolly’s: Bike racks, sub-zero air conditioning, electrical outlets so you can charge your phone before heading back, and pina coladas. Enough said.

WE Bike NYC is planning more beach rides in the upcoming months! We just wrapped up a ride to Orchard Beach on June 22nd and WE will check out Cedar Grove Beach on Staten Island on August 10!